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Due to high order volume, all custom made orders will take up to 5 weeks to produce and deliver

Due to high order volume, all custom made orders will take up to 5 weeks to produce and deliver

2020 Engagement Ring Trends

February 26, 2020

2020 Engagement Ring Trends

2020 Engagement Ring Trends

If you have plans to propose to the special someone in your life this year, you better start paying attention to the styles that are trending this year. 2020 has a lot of surprises where engagement rings are concerned. Insofar, a number of new trends has surfaced up showing promises while some from the previous years have tanked and sunk for now. Here are the biggest engagement ring trends of 2020. 

Oval Cut Diamonds Are On the Rise

2019 was the year of pear-cut diamonds, and this year, it’s the turn of the oval cut. Already a popular shape in the catalogue of fancy cuts, this style is a frontrunner this year. Following the lead of Blake Lively, Hailey Bieber, Sarah Hyland and the likes, this cut has rose to prominence and is trending right now. 

Platinum Settings Are In

Gold was back last year, but that’s changing with the return of platinum settings. Although a popular style for many years now, this year, jewelers have noticed a rise in the number of customers requesting for this style. Designers are infusing modern dainty twists into this classic style to keep the variety going. 

Super-Lean Bands Are Still Going Strong 

Last year, we saw a bunch of chunky gemstone engagement rings that featured simple, skinny bands. This year too, the super-skinny style of bands is ruling. Skinny bands have also ushered in the trend of stacking and styling rings.  

Hidden Halos Are Replacing Chunky Halos

Halos are still in, but a different kind is going big this time. Chunky halos are now a thing of the past. In their place has emerged hidden halos. Popularly requested, these halos are a lot more dramatic and a bit subtle in aesthetics compared to the other kinds that have been popular so far. 

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