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Exploring Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings - What Are Your Options?

December 04, 2018

Exploring Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings - What Are Your Options?

The practice of presenting an engagement ring to the prospective bride by the prospective groom after their marriage is almost six centuries old. But its origin has a very quaint explanation. It is said that the ancient Romans had a custom of the wives wore rings attached to many small keys, which indicated the ownership of their husbands. The Archduke of Austria was the first person to present an engagement ring to his wife after they got engaged. Subsequently, diamond companies with their subtle and not-so-subtle advertising have drilled it into our heads that a diamond ring is a must for an engagement. But that is not the case. Let us take you through a list of alternatives to the diamond for an engagement ring. If your wife to be is fine with the idea of getting an engagement ring which doesn’t have a diamond, then these are the options you could look at:

Metal Bands

An engagement ring can be a simple metal band. In order to highlight the lifelong bond that the couple is getting into, the top of the band can be shaped into a knot. This ring signifies in a very simple way the ‘tying of the knot’ that a marriage is often referred to. This style was first made popular by sailors who had to stay away from their wives for long periods. This was even more apt because sailors spend a lot of their time on the seas tying knots securely so that their boats and ships are safe. This design usually sees two parallel metal wire shapes, which get turned over each other to show a knot design. The design is very understated and elegant, but you must check with your would-be wife whether she is ok with an all metal engagement ring with no stones.


Like we said earlier, it is not necessary that a diamond is the only gemstone that can be used in an engagement ring. There are several other semi-precious and precious gemstones which can be used in engagement rings. In fact, like the urban legend of ‘a diamond is forever’, there are many other benefits associated with other gemstones. Depending on the relationship that the couple have, or the message that the husband wants to convey to his wife, there are several beautiful gemstones that can be chosen. For example, a garnet stands for passionate commitment and devotion, while a ruby stands for happiness, love and friendship.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds

This is an alternative to using the real diamonds. These cultured diamonds are manufactured in controlled laboratory conditions by replicating the same ambient conditions of temperature and pressure that are present during the formation of natural diamonds under the earth’s crust. These cultured diamonds have the same physical properties and chemical composition as the natural diamonds.

Existing Jewelry

Very often there might not even be a need to buy an engagement ring. Many people believe in passing on the family heirlooms to their children when they are getting married. This practice is more common in royal families or rich families because they have lots of family jewels to pass on. But even in regular families, there might be a mother or an aunt who wishes to pass on her own engagement ring.

Claddagh Ring

This is another variation of the metal band mentioned above which has come down from Ireland. It is a specific design which depicts a pair of hands clasping a heart. This conveys a feeling of deep love and bonding in a much better way than a ring embellished with diamonds. Some Claddagh Rings have had the metal heart shapes replaced by semi precious and precious non-diamond gemstones.

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