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What's the Origin of the Name 'Clio' and Its Significance?

August 25, 2018

What's the Origin of the Name 'Clio' and Its Significance?

If you browse any website which contains suggestions for baby names, you will find the word meaning as well as the expected nature of the person with that name. If you check for the names of real people whom you know, it is great fun to compare the suggested personality nuances of each name with the actual personality of the person who has that name.

The Name Clio - Its Origin and Personality Traits

Let us look at the name Clio, for example. It is a very common name among Greek babies, and the root word Clio in Greek stands for celebration. Clio was the name of the mythological muse of poetry as well. What personality would those people have who were named Clio when they were babies? People with their name as Clio would generally be very adept at expressing themselves creatively. They are usually attracted by the Arts and anything artistic. Such people are in the limelight more often than not, and they usually enjoy all the attention.

Giliarto's Online 3D Jewelry Design App Clio

Now let us compare these characteristics with a new offering from the Giliarto group of online jewelry. We are talking about the online 3D jewelry design app Clio brought to you by Giliarto. Yes, it is a very artistic outlet for our jewelry customers. It helps you celebrate all those special occasions with just the right kind of jewelry that is exactly as per your choice. You can express your creative thoughts through the Clio app which allows you to design jewelry exactly as you have imagined, without being bound by the designs we have created for you on our website.  Let us describe the Clio app to you, so you can clearly understand how apt a name it is.

How the Clio App Enhances Jewelry Buying Experience

It is always common for a jewelry buyer to wonder after the purchase ‘what if the design was such’ or ‘what if the color was this instead of that’ and so on. The standard designs available in most online jewelry stores are all very attractive in their own way, but many customers look for that wee bit of change in the design to make it just perfect for themselves and their loved ones. For such choosy customers, our Clio app is just perfect.

Personalizing Jewelry with the Clio App

You get a variety of filters by which you can dictate every aspect of the jewelry piece. You can decide what is the maximum cost you are willing to pay, the color you would want, the raw material or metal which you need in your trinket, the shape and the size you would like. Once you have picked and chosen your best combination of all these factors, you can order the final product you have designed.

The Advantages of Designing Your Own Jewelry with Clio

The best thing about getting to design your own jewelry using an app like Clio is that you do not have to pay for a particular piece and then get stuck with it if you do not like something about it. With Clio you can try out as many combinations as you want and see exactly how it would look in three dimensions, and you can order the final product only when you are completely satisfied.

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