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Black Gemstones That Make Attractive Options for Jewelry

February 11, 2020

Black Gemstones That Make Attractive Options for Jewelry

Whether you have always been attracted to black gemstones or have lately developed a taste for them, your options are very many. Don’t believe it? You probably haven’t been watching the trends or you’d be surprised by the number of stones that have arrived in this category in the past few decades.

The list of back gemstones is practically endless. It has stones that are enigmatic, those that are vintage and classic, some modern and stylish and a few Goth in looks and appeal.

Here are the top seven choices in this category that make perfect additions to jewelry.

Black Diamond

The most enigmatic of them all, the black diamond was once dismissed as worthless as sealing wax by jewelers. These stones have returned in the 21st century and earned their rightful place among diamonds.

Black Sapphire

Gorgeous and decorative, the black sapphires are as beautiful as their blue cousins. The black versions are fully opaque and being of lower grade, are times more affordable than other colors of sapphires.

Black Pearl

Black pearls are markedly exquisite and among the most precious varieties of pearls.

Black Onyx

Believed to be the healing stone in early civilizations, the black onyx is smooth like a pebble and lustrous like an emerald. Very rare, this one is a very durable stone and has very high wearability.


The obsidian is not by definition a stone, but a natural glass that is formed from hardening of lava. The stone has a character and depth that makes it an attractive cabochon cut-only stone.

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is a glassy looking stone often used in jewelry in forms of beads. Like onyx, it has good wearability.

Black Spinel

Another rare stone, this one displays a very high brilliance and luster making it a popular faceted stone.

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