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How to Choose the Right Gemstones for Your Loved Ones

August 30, 2018

How to Choose the Right Gemstones for Your Loved Ones

When you see gemstones of different colors, the first thing that strikes you is their beauty. The dazzling colors of different gems indeed takes your breath away. But there are many people who are not aware of the healing properties of gems and assume wrongly that the person has worn a gemstone just because it looks attractive. But the reality is that gems bring you a unique type of healing that comes from light and color. When you choose gemstones for your loved ones, there are a number of good options you will get at well known online jewelry stores like Giliarto. Let us see the significance of each type of gemstone, knowing which will help you choose the right one :

Aquamarine - A Gem of the Sea and Sky

This name is pretty simple to understand because it conjures up soothing blue images of the sea and the sky. The color associated with this stone is a soothing light blue, as the name itself suggests. In case you come across a darker shade of this stone, you can be sure that it will be costlier because it is more rare than the lighter shades. This March birthstone stands for youth and vigor, and it signifies long life for the person wearing it.

Ruby - The Stone of Passion and Courage

This blood red July birthstone stands for passion and courage, and is one of the most popular gemstones. A trained eye would be able to easily distinguish between the wide varieties of hues of this gemstone. The Burmese Ruby is arguably the brightest ruby and it carries a very light blue shade as well. Another ruby which gets its name from Myanmar (earlier known as Burma) is the Pigeon Blood Ruby. This color refers to the red in the specific pigeon’s eye, not the color of its blood.

Sapphire - A Symbol of Honesty, Purity, and Trust

This is another gemstone from the blue family. This gemstone is a September birthstone, and it signifies honesty, purity and trust. This stone too is widely found in Myanmar, although some parts of India and Sri Lanka have also produced these gemstones. Many people find the darker shades more attractive, but the lighter the shade of blue in a Sapphire gemstone, the more would be its value.

Emerald - The Gem of Fertility and Rebirth

After blue and red, this gemstone is a bright green one, and it is the birthstone of May. Two famous characters who favored wearing emeralds were the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, and the Hollywood queen Elizabeth Taylor. This gemstone stands for the fertility and rebirth. This gemstone also places more value on darker shades of green.

Morganite - The Stone of Pure and Divine Love

If you are a seeker of pure and divine love, then this gemstone with soft colors like pink and peach is just right for you. Most women anyway prefer different shades of pink for their clothes, footwear and other accessories, that’s why the Morganite gemstone fits in well with most women’s ensembles.

Amethyst - The Birthstone of Wit and Spirituality

This gemstone is the birthstone of the month of February. It is believed to keep the wearer witty and sharp to retort, while also being associated with religion and its associated legends.

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