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Choosing the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring - A Guide

August 30, 2018

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring - A Guide

One of the most popular rings that are bought, gifted and worn across the world are engagement rings. They symbolize the promise of eternal love and togetherness when a woman and a man get betrothed to each other. While an engagement is one of the most memorable events in any person’s life, but everyone wouldn’t have the same choice and budget for his or her engagement rings. We bring you below the most common metals used to make engagement rings (not arranged in order of cost, though), from which you can take your pick:

Gold - The Timeless Choice for Engagement Rings

This has been the most common metal used for making engagement rings. The dazzling brilliance of gold has always accorded a unique allure to it. The elegance of a simple golden band is as attractive to wearer and onlooker alike as an intricately carved golden engagement ring with encrusted diamonds is. Yellow colored gold has been the classic metal for engagement rings, but of late we also see some other variants. White gold, for instance, has silver finish which gives it a white glaze, and it needs to be rhodium plated once or twice a year. It is a cheaper alternative than yellow gold, and looks very attractive when made with encrusted diamonds. Another variant is rose gold, in which copper is added to yellow gold to make an alloy. This makes it last longer than either classic gold or white gold. It doesn’t need any regular plating, and it is the cheapest among these three.

Platinum - A Premium and Durable Metal for Rings

This is one of the costliest metals you can use for your engagement ring, and has a natural white dazzle which makes it so attractive. It is more durable than gold and hence costlier too, and the fact that it is rarer than gold also is a reason. The high durability and resilience of platinum ensures that it will never get damaged or change its color or shape. Lots of working professionals who use their hands extensively prefer platinum for their engagement rings in spite of the higher cost, because there is very little chance of damage.

Palladium - An Affordable Alternative to Platinum

This is another metal that is as durable and resilient as platinum but it costs much lesser. It has a bright silvery luster and weighs much less than platinum or gold. The silvery – white shine of a Palladium engagement ring stays unchanged for ever. Because of these reasons, Palladium is considered to be a worthy substitute for platinum. The emergence of palladium as a good metal for engagement rings and other jewelry happened over 80 years back when platinum was declared a strategic government resource at the beginning of World War II, and palladium hasn’t looked back since.

Other Metals - Exploring Silver, Tungsten, and Titanium

Some of the other materials used for making engagement rings are silver, tungsten and titanium. Titanium is the hardest among them, and silver the softest.

Choosing the Right Metal - Advice and Options from Jewelers

Your choice of metal would depend on your choice of metal, but you can take advice of good online jewelers like Giliarto who have every type of material and design to delight you.

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