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Due to high order volume, all custom made orders will take up to 5 weeks to produce and deliver

Due to high order volume, all custom made orders will take up to 5 weeks to produce and deliver

January birthstone - Garnet

September 09, 2018

January birthstone - Garnet

Just like each period of 30 days is associated with a particular horoscope sign, similarly each birth month has come to be associated with a certain gemstone. It is believed that the number twelve ties all of this together – there are twelve months in a year and there are twelve signs in the zodiac. So each of the signs of the zodiac came to be associated with a particular month. And for each month, the properties of a certain gemstone were found to be most similar, and said to impact the people born in that month. Gemstones have traditionally been believed to have great powers to provide luck, prosperity and good health.

Let us start off with the first month of the year – January. The gemstone associated with the month of January is called Garnet. There are so many colors associated with this beautiful gemstone, from the flaming orange to the vibrant green. But the base color of the garnet gemstone is dark red. Garnet is said to be a beacon of light during the dark nights and prevent the wearer from being tormented by the dark spirits of the night. In historical days, travelers who used to venture into terrain unknown and far from their own homes were said to keep a garnet gemstone on their person to ward off the chance of accidents. The word garnet has been derived from the Latin word granatus, which means seed-like. The garnet stone looks like a pomegranate seed in profile.

The main theme of a garnet gemstone might be to protect the wearer, but its stunning beauty makes it a popular choice for use in jewelry as well. There are good online jewelers like Giliarto who can provide you the best quality of designs of different kinds of jewelry including gemstones and diamonds.

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