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What Jewelry Do Royal Families Treasure? Explore at Giliarto Blog

October 18, 2018

What Jewelry Do Royal Families Treasure? Explore at Giliarto Blog

For centuries people have worn jewelry to flaunt their wealth and their position in society. Well-crafted and rare jewelry really does a lot to enhance a person’s looks and stature. The perfect piece of jewelry can make even a commoner look like royalty. If this is what great jewelry can do to regular people, just imagine what impact they would have on people with a regal heritage. That is why everyone from fashion bloggers to jewelry design experts to the man on the street – everyone you can think of – is so interested in royal jewelry. Let us look at some of the most talked about jewelry of royal families.

Queen Elizabeth's Notable Tiara

The Tiara Owned by Queen Elizabeth: The 92 year old monarch of the United Kingdom must own more jewelry than she might be able to count. But one piece from that collection stands out, and has been featured along with the Queen in the British currency notes. We are talking about the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara which she likes to wear on most public occasions. It was commissioned by the famous jeweler Garrard in 1893, and takes its unusual name from the group of women who pooled their resources to buy it for Queen Mary on her wedding. It later passed on to Queen Mary’s granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth.

Princess Diana's Iconic Tiara

Princess Diana’s Wedding Tiara: Diana Frances broke several protocols when she had a fairytale wedding with Prince Charles to become Lady Diana. One of the rules she broke was to wear one of the tiaras from her own family collection, instead of wearing a royal one. This tiara had been made from the same house of Garrard in 1930. After her tragic death, the tiara passed on to her niece.

A Royal Gift from George VI

The Gift from George VI: The great George VI was the father of the present Queen Elizabeth. He gifted a beautiful set to his daughter during her wedding. It consists of sapphire and diamond earrings, necklace, and tiara. The tiara of this set was originally owned by Princess Louise of Belgium and therefore is also referred to as the Belgium Sapphire Tiara.

Austrian Crown Jewels - A Rich Legacy

Austrian Crown Jewels: This is a huge collection of different items – several crowns, scepters, royal robes, orbs, swords, crosses and rings. They were made in different periods ranging from the 10th century to the 19th century. Now, they are kept and displayed at the Imperial Treasury of Austria.

Patiala Necklace - A Dazzling Masterpiece

Patiala Necklace: This was a necklace specially crafted for Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, the ruler of Patiala province in India. It was commissioned by Cartier of Paris, and had a yellow de Beers diamond as its centerpiece. Apart from that there were more than 2900 diamonds of different sizes and colors embedded in it.

A Timeless Legacy

Although the system of royal families running countries is no longer prevalent, the jewels previously owned by royal families have continued to hold our attention and command our awe. They have become the inspiration for several modern jewelry creations of the present day.

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