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How Did Jewelry Enhance Michelle and George's Love Story?

January 28, 2021

How Did Jewelry Enhance Michelle and George's Love Story?

Michelle and George

This isn't your common love story where the parties turn out to be high school sweethearts! The love story of Michelle and George were crafted differently. Just like most love stories are. Same yet refreshingly different. And rest assured, this story also includes the tale of a fascinating engagement ring.

Growing Up in Idaho - The Early Years of Michelle and George

Michelle and George grew up in a serene small town of lush Idaho. Their homes only a few miles apart. George finished his studies by the age of 21 while growing up on his father's never-ending farm. It was his turn to take up his father's mantle and take the business ahead. George's father, a 65-year old man of strong morals and a successful farmer who trusted in the good old adage of hard work, sweat, and determination, was ready to pass the reins to George, in whose capabilities he trusted. George upheld his father's hope and trust to build a state-of-the-art farm that  invested in climate smart practices, brought in new animals, added acres of land, and eventually turned into one of the best and advanced farms in the state. This journey took another 5 years.

All this while, Michelle grew up to become an independent and attractive woman in the very same county never meeting George. One of three siblings, Michelle packed a punch from a very young age. Energetic, driven and enthusiastic, Michelle was a seasoned multitask specialist. As a child growing up in a busy and large family, she had more on her young hands than any average child growing in a city. She was her mother's trusty assistant in the kitchen in her spare time, her father's helping hand in the barn helping and learning new things, and a reliable teacher to her little sisters. Michelle's mother ran a popular bakery in the town where Michelle would be found running errands on almost all weekends.

Cupid Strikes at a Carnival

Cupid made an intervention at a carnival when Michelle and George crossed path. Visiting with their pals, the future sweethearts were introduced by a common friend. Michelle's friend who also turned out to be a common friend of George's cousin brother played the minstrel. Michelle and George took an instant liking to each other. And just like love stories, sparks did fly in their next few encounters when they chose to meet alone sans the entourage.

The Courtship - Coffees, Conversations, and Mutual Understanding

Coffees, conversations, and mutual understanding of unsaid emotions are only the few things that got them closer. These sensitive interactions took them to innumerable dates. A small town enjoyed nothing better than a blooming love story. Folks around town were nothing but encouraging!

When dates were too many times to keep count of, George was formally introduced to Michelle's family over a dinner. Cheerful ribbing, childhood memories, good-natured banters over a delicious Sunday dinner paved the path for George's entry into Michelle's boisterous family. Michelle came to meet George's parents and left impressed by the genuine and ardent warmth they share with each other and were only eager to embrace Michelle into the fold. Once they were introduced, it was time for the families to meet which was a big deal for the two. With their families' support, Michelle and George went on to date for the next five years.

The Proposal - A Windy Morning Hike

A windy morning changed everything for the lovebirds. George planned to go hiking in a nearby picturesque trail and requested Michelle to come along. Michelle suspected nothing unusual as George is an avid hiker and loved all things nature, and Michelle shared the same passion. The trail was long and tricky. By the time, they reached the top, they were out of breath and panting. Once they had the time to take a long look around, the breathtaking natural beauty left them speechless. The sun-kissed mountain tops at a distance were appearing in a glorious light amid the thick shrouds of gray clouds. Everything – the daily life, the busy chores, their houses, farms and the duties appeared so far away. Their togetherness was the only truth that surrounded them at that point in time.

Michelle's Custom Engagement Ring - A Symbol of Their Love

It was in that opportune moment, Michelle turned to find George on his knees. She was shaken. So many years of closeness didn't prepare her for this pleasant yet unbelievable moment. Maybe we are never! Before Michelle could manage her expressions to something normal that's when George said, “Marry me”. Only Michelle realized that she was shedding profuse amount of happy tears and whispering “yes, yes, and a thousand times, yes!”  Whatever George said, everything that made her special, how much he adored her, or whether she liked the ring – were heard much later in a sobering environment of their home.

The story of their proposal was talk of the town for the next few months, until they decided to seal the deal in their local church.

And Michelle's engagement ring was the conversation-starter. Every time she stepped out, someone or the other wanted to hear her custom engagement ring story. Crafted by the expert designers of Giliarto, this ring is a dream come true for Michelle. George knew her love for all things unusual. The experiment started when Michelle said she always thought about a gray center stone amid a gorgeous halo of cropped diamonds. It is radical and radiant at the same time. Not many know the understated elegance and affordability of a moissanite and how it can create a magnificent engagement ring.


The Role of Giliarto's 3D Platform in Crafting the Perfect Ring

From the primary sketch idea to modifying the design during the making process, George played an important role every step of the time. It only helped that he got a clear idea about the final structure of the ring on Clio, the elaborate 3D creation platform from Giliarto. Complete customization of the ring is possible simply by a few clicks. It allows you to decide the design, materials, and experience the final product in a three dimensional structure.

Too bad, Michelle never got to know this prior to the proposal. According to her, she would have simply multiplied the number of diamonds in the ring! Girls...honestly!


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