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Moonstone - Everything You Need To Know

March 30, 2021


The moon is a thing of beauty that exudes a magical charm. Gazing at the full moon makes one wonder at its spellbinding beauty. Even the crescent moon is revered in many cultures. The iridescence found in the reflection of moonlight is depicted perfectly within a moonstone. This is a mystical gemstone deemed to be a semi-precious gem that may not be in the league of the four most valuable stones but demands respect beyond its price. 

Philosophers have been entranced by the bluish light captured amongst a pearly sheen from time immemorial. It is believed to have an inner connection to your soul as well. Moonstone can make you obtain the mystic powers of the moon too. Do not hesitate to seek out the beautiful moonstone that not only fills you with delight but exudes a certain charm that is hard to resist. 


Geologically, the moonstone happens to be a feldspar belonging to a group of minerals containing alumina and silica. This group of minerals is found almost everywhere in the world and is abundant in most parts of the world. Moonstone is neither transparent nor opaque. On the contrary, it displays a translucency with a band of white often being evident. This property known as chatoyancy or the cat’s eye effect makes the humble moonstone even more mysterious. Moonstone can be found in several colors including white, blue, grey, and peach. Of particular importance is the rainbow moonstone that consists of a play of colors found in the spectrum of white light. 

Cultural Significance

Held in high esteem across many cultures, the moonstone is regarded to be a powerful stone by the ancient faith healers and mystics belonging to China, India, and Middle Age Europeans. The ancient Romans were enamored by its magical powers too.  It was almost always found in possession of spiritual people who denounce the worldly charms, choosing to spend their lives as seekers of truth instead. 

Moonstone had been a popular form of jewelry during the height of Roman civilization. It was believed to contain an image of Goddess Diana who bestowed wealth, wisdom, luck, and love on the wearer. Moonstone was cherished and revered during the Art Nouveau period in Europe with the stone being worn as a ring or pendant by couples hoping to be united. The stone was worn as a cure for insomnia as well. The 90s saw a renewed popularity of this beautiful stone when it embellished the body of every prominent figure of the Hippie culture. Its innate beauty spurred on to denounce worldly pleasures and seek inspiration within their soul. 

Psychic Abilities

Moonstone is one of the most powerful psychic stones. It can turn the life of an individual inside out. Stories abound about its hidden abilities with many people claiming to have been transformed on touching the stone. The Eastern cultures labeled it as a psychic stone suitable to be worn on Mondays. It was also believed to be the gemstone of winter predominantly. Surprisingly, this stone is believed to become dull with its shimmering effect lost when it is worn by someone with deep-seated rage and anger trapped within. The moonstone makes an apt gift on the occasion of the thirteenth wedding anniversary. It is believed that the wearer achieves success for the next thirteen years. The negativity associated with the number thirteen is diminished greatly by the effects of moonstone. 


Moonstone is also referred to as the traveler’s stone. It was perceived to protect travelers on moonlit nights especially when the ancient travelers journeyed by boats or ships. However, this belief was reduced with the advent of electricity when the illumination of the path became the normal order of things. Moonstone is now worn for protection from the dark forces of life. It can be worn in the form of a talisman to protect the traveler all through the journey. It ensures a hassle-free journey and may prevent violence due to road rage. 


The beauty of moonstone is not the sole reason for accepting it as a gem of love. The healing effect of moonstone is perceived as all-encompassing. Wearing the stone as a talisman will enable you to sense the truth and feel a deep love that is free of all encumbrances. It boosts a feeling of deep concealing love as well as brings out the true romantic sentiment in the wearer. It is also known to reunite estranged couples who may have parted due to anger or personality clashes. 

Apart from romance, moonstone also ignites passion and fills one with sexual fervor. It is believed to stimulate sexual energy and ensure the fulfillment of desires. The results are ensured when this gem is worn during the full moon with the two individuals being synchronized in body and mind during the lunar cycle.  Moonstone is used as a healing crystal for improved performance in the bedroom. Healers’ advice placing 13 moonstones in and around the bedroom to achieve sexual success

Well Being

Moonstone synchronizes all the energies of our body and boosts up the biological power thus ensuring well-being. Wearing a moonstone will wash out the accumulated toxins within your body. It is a great way to cleanse your digestive system without the need for undergoing complicated and pricey detoxification. Children can wear it as a talisman to boost their growth as well. Hair growth and improvement of the skin are also noted courtesy of prolonged use of moonstone. 

Mental Effects

The moonstone will calm your mind allowing you to make the right decision easily. It soothes the emotions causing you to place your trust in the Almighty instead of fighting external forces that you have no control over. You will be able to balance all energies by positioning the moonstone at the center of a grid or underneath the chin can work wonders. 

Moonstone can restore an unprecedented balance of the body and psyche at the same time. It benefits both males and females simultaneously unifying the genders and making them feel a part of the Universe. 


Moonstone has been incorporated in jewelry items for ages with many people wearing them for metaphysical reasons. However, the beautiful luster and inner glow fill on with delight making the stone exceedingly popular as jewelry as well. You will find several intricately designed rings, pendants, and armbands with the moonstone being matched with other semi-precious stones such as topaz, tourmaline, and pearls. 

Physical or psychological you cannot go wrong by investing in the beautiful moonstone. Unleash the powers of the moon by enhancing the beauty of your person courtesy of the play of lights on this mineral available worldwide. 


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