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Why Choose NYC Style Diamond Engagement Rings?

June 18, 2020

Why Choose NYC Style Diamond Engagement Rings?

As the Corona Virus crisis continues to unfold, jewelry lovers everywhere are finding it increasingly challenging to shop at will. First the economic stagnation has diminished the usual affordability of average buyers by an alarming measure. Second, due to low mobility, people are no longer able to go to their favorite stores and choose and pick their jewelry from a live gallery. 

But there is no reason to be disheartened by this unfortunate turn of events because it’s only temporary. But until things are back to normal, Giliarto has an alternative for you. 

Giliarto's Tribute to New York City - NYC Style Engagement Rings

Giliarto has recently launched its line of NYC style engagement rings for all you New York City lovers.

So all you lovers of the Big Apple, listen up. 

The store launched it’s first-ever line of NYC style engagement rings. To pay homage to the beautiful city of New York and its fevered residents at this time, the store designed a line of rings themed wholly on New York. 

With that, it brings to you something new and refreshing. The store’s exclusive range of NYC style engagement rings are awe-inspiring to say that least. 

What can you expect to see in this range? A lot of variety for one. This section of engagement rings was designed first and foremost with inspirations from the city, but it also closely follows the trends that are born in NYC and are passed on to the rest of the world. 

This range gives lovers of this incredible city a chance to wear a part of their beloved New York City and at the same time have their dream ring.

Expect Variety and Trend-Inspired Designs

Now there is a rub to it. You must be wondering what the price is? Of course most buyers are rightfully concerned with the price factor, considering the current state of things in the economy. Giliarto has addressed that too in its NYC style range of rings. 

These engagement rings are adorned with moissanite stones in place of traditional diamonds. Way cheaper than regular diamonds, these are the closest alternatives to natural diamonds available in the market.

To clear any doubt right from the start, a moissanite is not a diamond imposter. It is not in the league of cubic zirconia and other synthetic stones. Moissanite is a natural stone, much like diamonds. What makes it a fitting replacement for the latter is its close resemblance with diamond.

Moissanite is the most accurate competitors of diamonds found in nature. These stones are very close to diamonds, where color, clarity and hardness are concerned. The two are so similar, that they do not show their difference to untrained eye. 

However, what’s incredible about a moissanite engagement ring is that it is many times less expensive than a diamond. Where a 2 carat diamond engagement ring will cost you thousands of dollars, a moissanite diamond ring of the same carat size will cost you only a fraction of that.

However, moissanites too are rare like diamonds. So do not expect them to be as low priced as Cubic zirconia or any other synthetic alternatives. Being natural stones, they cost way more than their synthetic counterparts, but they are also nowhere close to diamonds in their costing. 

Affordability with Moissanite Stones

But are moissanites too good to be true? Well, no because these are vetted and widely used in today’s market. Low cost, these are also highly ethical. So, if your ethical concerns are not fully gratified by your diamond seller, here is how to assure that you are paying for an ethical stone only.

Moissanites are generally conflict-free. Being low in price, these stones have still not gotten embroiled in the unethical practices that diamonds and other costly stones are so often targets for.

Ethical and Conflict-Free Choice

Moissanites today are a very popular choice among millennials as they are not more on cost and conflict-free than traditional choices. That’s an additional reason to put moissanite on an engagement ring. 

So let’s talk more about Giliarto’s collection of NYC style moissanite engagement rings.

The collection is truly exceptional for two reasons. First, it is based on the trends that dominate jewelry in the fashion capital of the world, NYC. As a rule, those trends are iconic. They can make heads turn anywhere, no matter how gorgeous everybody else is decked around you. 

Second, these rings are surprisingly inexpensive, given that they feature diamond lookalikes, which is not so much of a compromise, if you think about it. Moissanite stones may not be diamonds, but they are everything diamond, where optics are concerned. They are white, clear, brilliant and rare, just like diamonds, only a fraction as costly as a diamond.

Giliarto's Collection - Trendy and Budget-Friendly

This presents buyers with the opportunity of saving big on their usual purchases. So, if you were formerly plagued by the concern of price buying jewelry in a time like this, shed all your guilt and alarm, because these engagement rings will not claim three months of your salary, not even close. These can be had for a very easy price.

Another reason that makes Giliarto moissanite engagement rings worth considering for proposal is their exquisite designs. The rings feature extraordinary designs that are feminine and romantic. Crafted with love and care, these rings are so pretty that they make statements instantly.

The rings are on-trend and that’s what makes them all the more desirable. Crafted in New York fashion, these rings are fashionable today, and are going to stay that way ten years from now. You can rest assured because no trend that emerged in New York is ever dismissed, not even in decades. 

A Perfect Choice for Proposals

So if you are planning to propose to your girlfriend this season, do not wait for the prices to come down. In fact, seize the moment with these spectacular rings that are sure to put a smile on the face of your beloved, but not break your bank on the side. At very flexible costs, you can propose with the ring of her choice and get an easy yes.

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