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How Can You Personalize Jewelry with Online Platforms?

August 25, 2018

How Can You Personalize Jewelry with Online Platforms?

Less than 50% of the people have access to the internet today, but in those countries which have higher internet penetration, more than 80% of the users shop online. In those countries with higher internet penetration, the traditional ways of selling and buying things has undergone a sea change.

Shift in Jewelry Shopping: From Stores to Online Platforms

The display and sale of jewelry has also changed beyond recognition. People no longer have either the time or the inclination to travel to jewelry stores and spend hours going through the designs and making their selections. They prefer to browse the websites of jewelers and order online.

Giliarto's Mark in Online Jewelry Shopping

We at the House of Giliarto have made our mark in this world of online jewelry due to our steadfast focus on dependable quality, eye catching designs and best raw materials. For several years people have loved and ordered our designs and they continue to keep coming back for more and give us glowing references, which increases our client set steadily.

Introducing Clio - Giliarto's Innovative 3D Design Tool

We have now taken the next step in providing unparalleled delight to our clients. How often have you looked at jewelry designs on the internet and wished for just that slight modification which would have made it suit your tastes perfectly? Well, we at Giliarto have just the solution for that kind of situation. We have developed a 3D design tool which can be used by you on our website.

Personalizing Jewelry with Clio

We call this tool Clio, and it is available on both your desktop as a webpage and on your smartphone as an app. It helps you give your own twists to our jewelry designs, or create completely new designs by yourself. You would no longer be bound by the colors, designs, shapes or even the raw materials used or suggested by us. You can make your own modifications to our designs and become an established designer yourself.

Exploring Endless Combinations with Clio

The app offers you a number of filters and options which can help you narrow down the choices and gradually get the design that’s in your mind. This makes it possible for you to try out different combinations of design elements. You need to keep some time for yourself, though. The reason we suggest this is that Clio will quickly become a habit which you will find difficult to get out off. You can easily spend hours trying different combinations of designs and colors till you are able to get exactly what you were thinking of.

Setting Budget Limits with Clio

Apart from the other filters you can use while finalizing your design, the best feature is that you are also able to dictate a price range within which you wish to stay. Many materials displayed on our website and app are really costly and will swiftly push up the price of your ideal design. That is why it is a much smarter option to set your budget limits at the outset, so you do not get disappointed later. Give it a try today, by installing the Clio app on your phone. Jewelry purchase will never be the same for you again!

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