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Why are Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings a Unique Choice for Engagement?

October 07, 2020

Why are Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings a Unique Choice for Engagement?

By definition, an ideal engagement ring is one that has a sizable and sparkling white diamond on it. Well, guess what, it’s time to throw that notion out of our heads because times are changing, so are the trends. The ultimate engagement ring in 2020 is not an ageless clear white diamond engagement ring, but what that is tastefully alternative. If you are an alternative bride, what I’m about to propose is totally up your alley. It’s the new salt and pepper diamond engagement rings. Now if I have your attention, let’s dive deeper into this fresh and fantastic choice of engagement rings that is wooing the modern brides right now. 

Salt and Pepper Diamond 

Before going into this particular category of rings, let’s first discuss salt and pepper diamonds. Still, a novelty making ripples in the market, not enough people know about this variety of diamond. If the name struck you as interesting, wait till you catch a glimpse of a salt and pepper diamond. These diamonds are named so because of their incredible and unique aesthetic features. Unlike a clear white diamond, these diamonds carry a lot of inclusions, and before you decide to take a pass, read this- it’s the inclusions that are the most precious features of these diamonds. Still scratching your head? Well, these are not ordinary inclusions that make the stones murky and unaesthetic. These inclusions are black and white in color which explains the salt and pepper part of the name. 

The beauty of salt and pepper diamonds is that each stone is unique, in that the amount of inclusions is not the same with every stone. While some have more inclusions, others have less. You will be hard- pressed to find two like diamonds even when they come from the same crystal. Some salt and pepper diamonds are visibly dark and moody while others are light and bright. There is another type which is mostly gray with blemishes. 

salt and pepper diamond

Features That Make a Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring Stand Out

As told before, these rings are an easy standout, even in the midst of equally gorgeous ones. So, what sets such a ring apart from others? First, these rings, thanks to the diamonds, exude a wild and raw quality that is unmistakable and unmissable. At a glance, the rings are simple, yet sophisticated, and therefore mysterious. The smoky interior of the diamonds makes them a versatile piece of jewelry for any outfit or occasion. The speckled and smoky looks of the stone add to the aesthetics of the ring. 

salt and pepper diamond

Styles of Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings 

Despite being a newcomer in the engagement section, these rings have picked up the trends pretty fast. As of now, salt and pepper diamond rings are available in nearly all styles. Rings designed with salt and pepper diamonds feature stones of all modern and vintage shapes. The rings sold in the stores range from simplistic to gorgeous to dainty, but they have one thing in common. They all appear wild and mysterious, despite being incredibly simplistic. 

From classic round shapes to delicate fancy ones, these rings feature diamonds of all shapes and sizes. But most salt and pepper diamonds are cut in the ancient rose cut since that’s the cut that does the most justice to the beauty of this stone. Therefore, if you see too many rose-cut pieces in the salt and pepper ring section, you are not in the vintage aisle. The idea behind cutting these diamonds into a cut that’s at least 5 centuries old is brilliance. Although there are many modern cuts that are known to enhance the brilliance of a diamond perfectly, jewelers are partial towards rose cut in this case because it is the cut that helps show off the stones’ brilliance best. 

As for styles, there are just as many options, handcrafted or otherwise, as in other sections. Solitaire, halo, three-stone, paved, etc., choices are endless. 

salt & pepper diamonds

Why Pick a Salt and Pepper Engagement Ring  

Well, there are many reasons for choosing a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. But the most important of them all is the style aspect. Salt and pepper diamond engagement rings typically display a distinctly modern and smoky look, something that’s making it wildly popular among the alternative buyers. So, if you have a taste for rings that are outstanding, contemporary and distinctive, this is hands down the best choice you have. A salt and pepper ring is sure to stand out from the rest of the options. In no way does it conform to the status quo and that’s its specialty. So if that agrees with your taste, this is the best ring to choose right now. Salt and pepper engagement rings are the perfect style for a modern-day wearer, anywhere in the world. 

Tips to Choose 

When choosing a salt and pepper diamond ring, it is important to remember that the stones are all unique and therefore finding two similar looking stones would be a waste of time. But that pops the question that when each looks different and equally interesting, how can a buyer pick any one? 

The best way to go about shopping salt and pepper diamond rings is by amply comparing your options. This you can do by walking into a physical store or online. Compare the rings to understand which of them you love most. 

There are online and store representatives who can help you pick out the best piece. But mostly, focus on the characteristics of the stones and the styles of the rings. These two should guide your choice. Find a ring that fits seamlessly with your style, personality and ideas. However, do not undermine comfort, especially if you are going to wear it often.

Custom-building a salt and pepper diamond ring is another option. In that case, you have more freedom of choice concerning the design, the diamond and the material. In the end, it matters little whether you buy it off the rack or get it custom made from scratch as long as the ring you obtain matches with your vision.

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