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Styles in Modern Jewelry

February 26, 2020

Styles in Modern Jewelry

Styles in Model Jewelry

In the debate between models and mannequins, it is always the models that come first as a choice for jewelry advertisement. For all of the 21st century so far and some of the 20th, models have been an integral part of jewelry advertisement. Models have walked the ramp in high-end fashion jewelry since the time jewelers have come to understand the direct benefits of showcasing their items through fashion models than mannequins.

From that have emerged a section of jewelry called model jewelry. If you are interested in model jewelry, here are the styles to explore this year.

Unique Designs

The first thing you will notice about model jewelry is its unique designs. The styles of model jewelry are unmatched, and to that end, jewelry stores spend big on designers handpicked from the crowd. Only the most prolific designers get to work on these pieces. Model jewelry styles include geometric designs that commemorate the marriage of intricacy and simplicity. The pieces, in short, are less than ordinary. 

modren jewelry style

Fashion-Forward Pieces

Another style that is very popular in model jewelry is boldness. The model jewelry display designs that are bold, even boastful, but not tasteless or showy. There is a fine line between which is hard to respect when the goal is to make the designs fashion-forward but not ridiculous. Attend a Chanel or Bulgari jewelry show and you will know what I’m talking about. 

modren jewelry styles

Bold and Eye-Catching Jewels

The designs of model jewelry are anything but demure and understated. All jewelry pieces you will see on the ramp have a bold quality to them that does not try to hide but express. 

best modren jewelry style

Oversize Gemstones

Another thing common in model jewelry is the use of chunky gemstones. Model jewelry famously uses numerous and large gemstones that add all the drama to the pieces. 

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