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The Rarest Diamonds

September 25, 2018

The Rarest Diamonds

Diamonds are a thing of beauty and a joy forever. The physical brilliance of diamonds is the reason why they are referred to as beautiful objects. And the immense hardness and durability makes them a joy forever. Normally diamonds are colorless and they refract light in such a way that they give off a dazzling white light to the viewer’s eyes. But due to traces of certain minerals, some diamonds have other colors, and they are the more rare diamonds. The impurity in such diamonds are in such quantities that they actually give a different color to the colorless diamond instead of just a slight discoloration. Let us look at some of the rarest diamonds :

Blue Diamonds: We have all heard of the famous Hope Diamond, which is one of the most well-known blue diamond. When diamonds have boron particles trapped in the crystal structure they impart the blue color to diamonds. The boron atoms take the place of the carbon atoms. But because carbon has four free electrons and boron has only three, therefore each such boron insertion provides a free electron which absorbs red wavelengths from white light, giving a deep blue color to the diamond.

Red Diamonds : This type of diamond is even rarer than blue diamonds. The Hancock Red and Moussaieff Red are two very famous red diamonds, but most diamonds which get passed off as red diamonds are actually a mix of purplish or brownish hues instead of pure red. The color of these diamonds are red because of free atoms in the lattice structure. Because red diamonds are so rare they haven’t been found in huge sizes and usually are within 1 carat.

Pink Diamonds : The beauty of a pink colored diamond makes them so attractive. But their rarity also makes them great avenues for investment. The pink color comes from the presence of nitrogen impurities or due to plastic deformation of the lattice structure.

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