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Tips how to measure your finger size

August 30, 2018

Tips how to measure your finger size

When you are buying a ring for yourself, there is no fear of whether the ring will slip off because of being too loose, or prevent you from putting it on because it is too tight. You can try on as many rings as you want and convey your correct size to the jeweler.

Choosing the Right Size for Someone Else

The trouble with ring size is when you need to buy the ring for someone else, especially if that person is unable to accompany you to the jeweler or even worse, when you are planning to gift the ring as a surprise.

Gifting a Ring as a Surprise

So, first things first. What do you do when you intend to gift a ring as a surprise? What size do you tell your jeweler? The best way is to ask someone close to the intended receiver, like their mother or spouse or close friend, if they would be able to tell you the size. If that easy solution doesn’t present itself, then you would need to ask them to let you borrow one of the intended recipient’s rings for a day which you can quickly take to the jeweler to letting them know the size.

When the Recipient Can Visit the Jeweler

Next we come to the regular occasions when the intended recipient can come to the jeweler or when you are buying a ring for yourself. There are two popular methods.

Physical Comparison with a Size Chart

The first is a simple physical comparison with a size cart. A ring that the intended recipient of the ring is presently wearing needs to be used. The ring needs to be placed over each of the rings drawn on the size chart in such a way that the outline of the ring on the chart aligns exactly with the inside diameter of the ring. If the ring is not perfectly aligning to two consecutive sizes, then it is safer to go in for the bigger size of the two. This chart has sizes from 4.5 to size 13.

Using Strings to Measure

The second method is to use strings to measure the size of the ring. The string used to measure ring size should not be elastic or stretchable. It should be around six inches long. The string needs to be wrapped just right around the base of the finger, neither too tight nor too loose. At the exact point where the string completes one round around the base of the finger needs to be marked with a dark colored marker. Then you need to unwrap the string and compare the length of the marked segment of the sting against a set of lines drawn in the size marker. The sizes measured thus range from a size 5 to a size 14.

Additional Tips for Measuring Ring Size

While measuring ring size, it is always a good idea to measure when the weather is not very cold. You should also be careful in measurement if any of your knuckles is larger than the corresponding base. You could also log on to the website of reputable jewelers like Giliarto for further tips on ring size measurement as well as a wide variety of attractive rings for all occasions.

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