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Top sacred, spiritual, and religious symbols to use in customized jewelry

August 25, 2018

Top sacred, spiritual, and religious symbols to use in customized jewelry

“Far more powerful than religion, far more powerful than money, or even land or violence, are symbols. Symbols are stories. Symbols are pictures, or items, or ideas that represent something else. Human beings attach such meaning and importance to symbols that they can inspire hope, stand in for gods, or convince someone that he or she is dying. These symbols are everywhere around you.” ― Lia Habel

Since the earliest times, every human culture of the world has its own concept of symbolism. People believed symbols have powers, such as protection from evil force and increasing spiritual practice. Symbols carry energy and play an important part in all of the world's religions as objects on which beliefs and prayers can be focused. Just a single viewing of a symbol can leave a strong psychological impression in our awareness, conduct, and peace of mind. A spiritual symbol is an iconic depiction, which aimed to signify a specific faith, or a particular concept within a given faith. Sacred, spiritual and religious symbols introduce a way through the mystical world. They reflect the fundamental shapes found in nature, geometry and mathematical ratios, spiritual art, and in architecture. There are some symbols with identical in form and design, which were found at many different places having diverse cultures and faiths.

This site is intended to take a closer look at the top sacred, spiritual, and religious symbols and their significant meanings from different parts of the world.

The Christian Cross is the most well-known and principal religious symbol of Christianity. It was regarded as a magical symbol and a religious sign for centuries before the Christian era. In Roman times the cross was seen as a device of torture and public mortification. The Christian cross symbolizes and memorializes Christ's death. When the cross includes an image or figure of Jesus, it is commonly referred to as a crucifix. It signifies Christ's misery and sacrifice. It is believed that the sign of the cross is effective in warding off evil spirits and protects believers from harm. Therefore many people wear crosses on necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, keychains and items of clothing.

The Yin Yang (Taijitu) sacred symbol is a depiction of perfect harmonic balance. This sign indicates the unity between all opposites - masculine and feminine energies, dark and light, cold and hot, low and high, fire and water, etc. Yin is the black side with the white dot in it, and yang is the white side with the black dot in it. Yin is intuitive, passive, dark, cold, feminine energy. Yang is active, logical, bright masculine energy. They are different and distinct, but they cannot exist without the other. The outer circle of the yin yang sign represents everything in the universe and the universe itself. Nothing is completely Yin or entirely Yang. Each aspect contains the beginning point for the other aspect.

Om is a sacred sound and spiritual icon of Hinduism. It is the smallest super-natural mantra sound, which is used for meditation, worship, and chanting. The sound itself gathers and focuses the mind and calms the nervous system. The Indian philosophical belief declares that God first created sound and the universe arose from it. Followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism consider that 'Om' represents the sound of the earth, the ultimate power, the eternal, supreme spirit. The meaning of the word is certainly related to the God/Heaven. These syllables represent the three worlds: the heaven, the earth, and the underworld. The Om or Aum symbol is found on ancient coins, in regional scripts.

Pentacle is the most widely used religious symbol in many eras and by many cultures and religions of the world. It is a symmetrical, up-right five pointed star within a circle. The four lower points represent the four elements (fire, water, earth and air), the fifth top point characterizes the divine spirit, and the circle symbolizes eternity. From an occult perspective, pentacles are representative of "white" magic and "good." It also signifies man’s intellect and reason. The pentacles can be easily confused with the pentagrams, which often have the point facing down. Within the occult, they supposedly have opposite spiritual properties. To wear a pentagram necklace or other form of jewelry, is to say you feel the connection with the elements and respect the earth.

Alpha and Omega is the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Jesus Christ refers himself with this couple of letters in the book of revelation 22:13 “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord.” Usually the phrase is used in Christianity as evidence for Jesus' divinity and unity with God the Father. The Alpha and Omega are sometimes combined with other Christian symbols such as the Cross or other Christian symbols. In early Christianity, the Alpha and Omega were often used as the monogram of Christ. It is also used in Orthodox iconography and has also found acceptance in Anglican and other Protestant customs. Because of its shape, alpha is related to the pair of compasses used in masonic symbolism.

The Lotus Flower is associated with purity and beauty, majesty, grace, unlimited potential in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. In Tantrism, it is the symbol of the feminine principle. Buddhism maintains that all souls emerge from a lotus. The lotus is a kind of water lily which rises from the mud of murky waters. This powerful image is one of the "Eight Auspicious Symbols" in the religion. Its meaning is different between cultures, however they share many similarities. In Egyptian times lotus flower represented creation and rebirth and it was also a symbol of the sun, because it bloomed by day and closed by night. The symbol of lotus flower denotes the journey out of gloom into transformation. Various parts of the sacred Lotus are also used in traditional Asian herbal medicine.

Flower of Life is a sacred geometry symbol which appears in temples, cathedrals, and sacred texts. It dates back to almost every ancient culture. The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt contains the oldest known examples of the Flower of Life. This geometrical figure consists of numerous equally distributed overlapping loops, which form a flower-like pattern with six fold symmetry like a hexagon. The perfect form and harmony of this geometrical symbol has been known to philosophers, architects and artist around the world. The flower of life is considered to contain ancient, religious value representing the ultimate forms of space and time. It holds 13 informational systems. These systems are able to give us access to everything in the universe.

Celtic Trinity Knot symbol is also known as Triquetra, which originally meant "triangle". It is constructed of one continuous line interweaving around itself symbolizing an eternal spiritual life. Sometimes a circle around the three loops is added to signify spiritual unity. This is a protection circle. The Trinity Knot was a Celtic symbol of the Goddess and in the North a symbol of the god Odin. Christians believe that the three points represent the three elements of the trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The triquetra considered to signify the triplicities of mind, body, and soul. It is traditional for a man to give the loved one a charm like a pendant with a necklace or ring demonstrating his love towards her.  

The Star of David is the most commonly used religious symbol of Judaism. Presumably, it represents the emblem of King David's shield. The symbol shapes a hexagram, the compound of two equal triangles; one pointed upward and the other downward. Because of its unique geometric symmetry the hexagram has been a widespread symbol in many civilizations from the earliest times. Kabbalists disseminated the use of the symbol as a defense against evil spirits. In Hinduism the symbol commonly characterizes the merging of the male and the female and the elements of fire and water. The Star of David also appears in the architecture of Mormon places of worship, where it represents the union of heaven and earth.

Spirals are some of the oldest geometric shapes in ancient artwork. In various mythologies the spiral is a globally positive symbol. It represents the eternal forces of nature, eternity and transformation, and the ongoing life cycle. The spiral is essential to nature, appearing on animals such as snails, seashells, and occurs in natural phenomena such as whirlpools, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Many suggest the spirals are representative of the cycle of rebirth or as a symbol of a mother goddess. That’s why it is a very feminine symbol and signifies female energy, fertility, and womb. Spirals have also been found at burial and ceremonial sites on jewelry, on weapons in several places around the world. It can help expand the mind and increase creative feelings.

Sacred, spiritual and religious symbols you chose to wear can be personalized to reflect your faith and beliefs. You can now custom design a necklace with a sacred talisman, made according to the birth chart of the wearer. Produce an individually created magical couples ring or bracelet.  Amulets and talismans are based on sacred symbols and the world’s major religious and mystical theories. They are a declaration about you and your beliefs. Personalization is what makes your jewelry so distinctive. Whether you are looking for an inspirational gift of faith for your friend or religious wedding gifts to celebrate the couple’s faith, our website is here to help with a selection of great creating ideas for your exclusive jewelry.

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