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Is Branded Jewelry Always the Best Choice? Find Out on Giliarto Blog

October 19, 2018

Is Branded Jewelry Always the Best Choice? Find Out on Giliarto Blog

I like to classify most jewelry buyers as either lazy or blind. They are too lazy to take the trouble to look beyond the branded jewelry chains. They find solace in the dependability of names they have heard about and seen their friends buy. They become blind to much better options available outside the usual brands. Let us see why the big brands might not always be the best choice, and how smaller standalone stores often give you much better options while buying jewelry.

Benefits of Choosing Smaller Jewelry Stores

Removal of Layers

Removal of layers - A typical journey of a diamond from the mine to you sees several layer. The diamond mine sells it to a diamond trader, who in turn sells to the sight holder. Then it gets sold to the diamond retailers or the jewelry branded companies, and then to you in the form of jewelry. Each level adds on their own profits, thus inflating the price. When you buy from a diamond jewelry designer several of these layers are combined, and the prices can be kept under leash.

Control of Overheads

Control of overheads: A large branded chain has to sustain a large number of branding costs in terms of point of purchase advertising, merchandising of stores, manpower costs etc. These cost obviously get passed on to the end customer. An independent jeweler could either operate online or have a single store presence, keeping needless overheads under control.

Flexibility in Design

Flexibility: Branded jewelry brands might have the expertise, but they surely will not have the time to fine tune their creations to match your exact preferences. But the jewelry designers pride themselves on their bespoke creations which are not flaunted by hundred other customers. Some online jewelers like Giliarto actually provide online platforms to their clients to actually design their own jewelry on an online portal after which the manufacturing takes place.

Cost of a Brand

Cost of a brand: Apart from the overhead costs, a branded jewelry store would also add on the cost of its own brand name which it has built up for so many years. With a jewelry designer, you need to pay only for the value of the jewelry.

Choosing the Right Jewelry Designer

But if you discard your fascination for brands, it doesn’t mean that all your jewelry purchase choices would automatically be spot on. You also need to put in additional effort so that you can actually get the benefit of discarding brands. First, you must do some research and find out more about the jeweler you would be buying from. The website of the jeweler would give you a fair idea, but also look for actual buyer reviews. This is because many of the good designers do not have a physical store but retail completely online, so you might not get a chance to touch and feel your jewels before purchase. You must go for a jewelry designer who is flexible to your needs and can move away from the mass produced designs of big brands. Finally, start off small in order to build your confidence, and later you can go in for more complicated pieces.

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