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Gemstone jewelry review - history and classification

May 13, 2018 1 Comment

Gemstone jewelry review - history and classification

Over the centuries gemstones have played different roles in the folklore and mythologies of various human civilizations. Each culture has its particular theories about various gemstones. Some of these marvelous products of the world told a story or inspired theorists and shamans to attribute miraculous powers to these natural resources. These beautiful glittering rocks have adorned many jewelry pieces. All of the colorful and sparkling gems are unique creations, which are accessible in a splendid diversity of colors collected from different part of the world. Gemstone jewelry has a long and remarkable past. The use of these stones for adornment of jewelry has been popular among goldsmiths and people for centuries. Some gems have been found and appreciated since early human history and were used for tribal, spiritual, and healing purposes. Later, gemstone jewelry was worn as a mean of self-expression, decoration, status symbol, source of power, and cultural beliefs. For instance, in early Indian culture diamonds were associated with the gods and were used to embellish statues. In Islamic cultures an agate ring was thought to offer defense from misfortunes. In ancient Egypt lapis lazuli was highly valued by the pharaohs. This comprehensive guide in the next post is intended to provide a quick description on the meaning of gems, get an insight into their brief history and help you understand the factors that is grading and classifying them. Our short gemstone jewelry review will let you immerse in the mysterious world of gems.

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Jane Wilson
Jane Wilson

October 19, 2018

I love the fact that you guys recognize the value gemstones have acquired with time, and how fine jewelry in general can be timeless. Typical brands don’t recognize that and just aim for what’s in for a certain season so they dont

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