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What are the Different Types of Black Metal Jewelry?

February 26, 2020 1 Comment

What are the Different Types of Black Metal Jewelry?


For the love of black, people have often renounced colors in favor of this mysterious primary monotone. If you, like many others today, are partial to black, there is good news for you. Black jewelry is trending right now. With options abound in all types of jewelry, this trend is making splashes everywhere. Here are the most popular types of black metal jewelry that are sold in the market right now. 

Titanium - A Top Choice in Black Metal Jewelry

Titanium tops the list of black metals in jewelry. Hypo-allergenic and affordable, titanium jewelry are changing the way people see precious jewelry. Its availability being common in nature, titanium jewelry have grown enormously as a section in a very short time. Hard and durable, it has often been compared to black gold for its luster and beauty. 

Tungsten - The Heavy-Weight Black Metal

A heavy-weight metal that is loved for its precious looks and hardness, tungsten is the second most popular black metal jewelry in the market right now. Tungsten having limited availability in nature, these jewelry have a medium price range. However, if you are looking for a hypo-allergenic metal, then tungsten is not your thing. But, it is heavy-weight and hard, both of which make it a great metal for jewelry. 

Black Stainless Steel - An Affordable Option

A very affordable option in black metal, black stainless steel jewelry is the newest thing in the block. After stainless steel jewelry rose to popularity, this metal followed suit instantly winning the hearts of the buyers. Easily affordable and available, it is a jewelry that anyone can afford. 

Black Gold - A Premium Choice

If you are looking for something on the slightly expensive side of the catalogue, then black gold is your best bet. Beautiful and precious, black gold jewelry are made of white gold and electroplated with black rhodium. It’s a little high-maintenance, but the good thing is, black gold jewelry can be re-plated easily. 

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