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August birthstone

September 12, 2018

August birthstone

Along with June, the other month which has three birth stones associated with it is August. The three gemstones are sardonyx, peridot and spinel. Although all these gemstones are associated with the same month, but they all have different looks, colors and qualities, giving August born several options to choose from.

The sardonyx gemstone is so named because it is made from sard and onyx, both of which are forms of a mineral called chalcedony. The name Sard comes from the name of a place in Turkey called Sardis where this reddish hued stone was first mined. This stone looks beautiful because of the white stripes that cut across the reddish hue of these stones. This gemstone is also popular because of its comparatively lower prices. It is said to bring courage and happiness to the wearer. This was the first birthstone for August till other stones got added.

The peridot is the second gemstone associated with August. It has a pleasing lime green color, and is made from the mineral olivine. The name draws its roots from an Arabic word ‘faridat’ meaning gem and the Greek ‘peridona’ which stands for plentiful. This gemstone has traditionally been worn to ward off evil and the ill effects of nightmares. The feel-good provided by this gemstone goes well its elegant looks which can add value to any dress at any time of the day.

The third gemstone which is an August birthstone is spinel. Its red color often make people mistake this stone to be a ruby. But scientifically it is quite different because it is softer than a ruby and also has a completely different crystal structure. But apart from red, spinel is also found in blue, pink and even black. Spinel has traditionally been favored by royal patrons and many monarchs have adorned themselves with this attractive gemstone.

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