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How Does Clio, Giliarto's New App, Revolutionize Jewelry Customization

May 02, 2020

How Does Clio, Giliarto's New App, Revolutionize Jewelry Customization

It’s often said that custom-designing a ring is fun, but many would beg to differ. The experience of designing a ring for a buyer balances wholly on the designing platform. Most retailers repurpose their websites to offer a customization window for the buyers. While that works, it does not deliver the most enthralling or fun experience so to speak. With features and functions missing here and there, the project becomes onerous, not to mention complex. 
But that should not discourage buyers looking to build their own rings because Giliarto has amended the issues and freed customization from the tangles of confusion and limitations. Giliatro believes in the power of customization and knowing how much buyers wish for it, it has brought to the market the first ever 3D customization platform. 
Called Clio, this app is a ground-breaking introduction in the world of jewelry customization. Through this app, Giliarto has introduced customization possibilities that were unknown before. The app is a 3D platform where users can assemble their own jewelry the way they like. It has a ton of options in design, material and gem using which a buyer can build their ring just as they want it. 

Customization on Clio
It’s super simple and ergonomic. Anybody can use this app. The app breaks down the customization drill into a 5 step process. 
  • You start by choosing the style you want from the countless designs available with Giliarto. This is the only time-taking part of the process. You may need some time going through the multitude of options featured on the catalogue. 
  • Next proceed to customize the details. Choose the gems and materials for the ring. Giliarto has a wealth of choices in gems and all popular options in materials. 
  • You get to choose the gems from three quality categories. So, even if you don’t know a ton about diamond grades and parameters, it’s okay because the app segregates the diamonds into Good, Better and Best categories. So, just go ahead and select the quality grade. 
  • Your ring will pop up in 3D and if you like what you see, place your order. If not, go back and start again. Your item should reach you within 2 weeks of the date of order. 
There are a series of reasons why Giliarto’s customization app, Clio, is such a huge success among its clients. 

Easy to Use

For one, it’s easy to use. There are many customization websites where buyers can custom-build their jewelry, but with this app, things get many times easier. Clio has a perfectly user-friendly interface that does not require practice or getting used to. From your first time on the app, you will feel at home. The layout is simple and intuitive. You don’t need to spend time looking for functions and features that should be in plain sight. Everything you will find right before your eyes. Just a tap will enable you to avail it. When the app was in the stage of ideation, Giliarto had a few goals set for it. One of those is ease of use. The company wanted its app to be universally used, age and technical mastery no matter. Clio is everything it had aimed for and more. 

Zero Waste of Time

One of the best things about the app is that it calls for no waste of time. You do not need to spend hours designing a ring when you are using Clio. A ring can be built inside of an hour or shorter. The app does not get you connected to a designer, which means you are in full control of the project. You don’t need to describe your dream ring to someone and spend your minutes discussing the project. Just give us the order and designers will take it from there. Until then, it’s your game. So play by your rules. Not having to communicate back and forth with a jeweler saves a lot of time. You can invest this time in browsing through our gallery to find ideas for a great ring. 

Freedom of Control 

The whole idea behind the development of Clio is freedom of control. Although customization comes with the guarantee of freedom, the journey isn’t always as enjoyable or productive as it seemed at first. Most companies allow buyers to choose their material, design and gemstones and that’s about the extent of control they offer. While those are the key components of a ring, they are not everything. When you are talking customization, it should be wholly a buyer’s call. Clio lets its users have full control over the parts both big and small. From start to finish, it is their decision. We limit ourselves to translating your vision into reality. 


Never before have buyers been able to make their purchase fit their budget so perfectly. With Clio, you are the captain of your ship. You can sail it in the direction you like to the endpoint you have in mind. Giliarto’s app lets you handpick every component of the ring. That does two things, makes sure that your ring is exactly how you pictured it, and the final price you pay never exceeds your budget. You start by choosing the type of jewelry you are looking to custom-make. Then choose a style from Giliarto’s expansive catalogue of designs and move on to handpicking the details. This is where Clio stands apart from all other customization portals. It lets you choose every tiny little detail that builds the aesthetics of the ring. 


Clio is not just a customization app, it is also a gateway to quality purchase. The app lays out every single detail of a ring, but it does not overlook the finer points of quality. On Clio, you can choose precisely the diamond you want to put on your ring. So, you have a means to decide its quality-grade down to the last detail. The gems in Giliarto’s gallery are split into three main categories, Good, Better and Best. If you choose from the Good section, you get diamonds that are Included. The stones in this category are nearly colorless and carry all prominent characteristics. The Better category diamonds are from the Slightly Included grade and are also nearly colorless. The top-most range is Best where all diamonds are VS grade. The stones again are colorless and have very few prominent features. All diamonds purchased on Clio come with certification of quality where you can find all details. 
The diamonds displayed in the gallery of Giliarto are all ethically sourced. So, you have nothing to worry about the clean status of the stones. Giliarto sources all its diamonds from problem-free parts of the world. Aside from being committed to selling the buyers diamonds of the highest standard, they are also invested in bringing to the market ethical diamonds. All their stones are passed through the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, and are therefore certified ethical. Actively committed to eradicating blood diamonds from the market, Giliarto takes a lot of trouble to make sure that all diamonds that make their way into the market through them are clean and conflict-free.  
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